One of the great things about being a part of One Planet Group is the diversity of the staff.  Recently, we were given the opportunity to hear a reflection from Aleksey, a front-end developer from our Ukraine office. He shared the significance of the year 1776 for both our US and Ukraine teams.

This month, we celebrated the 4th of July holiday in the USA. Independence Day was declared a legal holiday in 1776, but what you may not know is Dnipro city (location of our Ukrainian office) was founded in the same year.

Here are 5 interesting facts about Dnipro:

  1. The city has been renamed 6 times:
    • Ekaterinoslav
    • Novorossiysk
    • Ekaterinoslav
    • Sicheslav
    • Ekaterinoslav
    • Dnipropetrovsk
    • Dnipro (A lot of things in this world may be uncertain, but it certainly seems like the next name for this city will be Ekaterinoslav!) 

  2. The city was closed to foreigners from 1951-1987 because “Southern Machine Building Factory” began manufacturing and testing new secret military rockets for the battlefields known as SS-18 Satan, C-300, C-400. These rockets are used in a lot of countries of the world today.

  3. There are more than 14 universities in the city preparing students for the workplace. 

  4. Dnipro river is a major river in Europe and the longest in Ukraine.  Be sure to take a tent if you want to walk its length, it’s about 2200 km/1367 miles. 

  5. The largest Jewish complex and Menorah is situated in Dnipro. The Center consists of seven towers, symbolically representing the resemblance of the Temple’s Menorah.

This reflection is a good reminder that when we take a look at what connects us, such as the year 1776 in which Dnipro was founded as a city and US Independence day became a holiday, the world can become just a little more unified.