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Jasmine Khan

Chief of Staff

Jasmine is the Chief-of-Staff at One Planet Group, where she oversees the operations and business development of the company’s six brands, and provides strategic counsel, and serves as proxy to the CEO.

She has over a decade of experience as a marketing and branding, storytelling, and business management spanning omnichannel retail, beauty, consulting, startups, and entrepreneurial ventures. Her work has enabled her to drive revenue growth, lead cross-functional teams and processes, develop strategic alliances, and enable others to embrace and initiate change within global brands.

She has an M.B.A. from the University of Rochester’s Simon Graduate School of Business and a B.A. from Syracuse University. She is passionate about diversity and has shown her commitment through her membership and mentorship in programs such as The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management and the Forte Foundation.

Jasmine joined One Planet in October 2020, eager to provide C-suite business intelligence and serve as liaison for a global company that demonstrates building a foundation for new best practices in business that contributes to the betterment of the world.