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Nima Mazloumi

Chief Technology Officer
One Planet Group

Nima is the Chief Technology Officer at Buyerlink. He manages the complete product experience for users at every stage of development and communicates the strategy across leadership teams on the vision and direction for the product.

Nima has been a full-stack engineer for more than two decades with a focus on object-oriented programming, web, and mobile application development. He first joined One Planet in August 2018, attracted to One Planet’s dedication to creativity in product and design, and for the company’s community service and philanthropy.

He holds a doctoral degree in business administration and information systems from the University of Mannheim.

Prior to joining One Planet, Nima worked for commercial, public, and nonprofit organizations in Europe and the Middle East, managing almost all divisions of an IT organization and complex IT transformations.

Nima’s lived around the world with stops in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Germany, Israel, Namibia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. He currently resides with his family in California, is a singer-songwriter, and stays involved in several community-building activities.