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Rudd Lippincott

VP, Home Services Vertical

Rudd is the Vice President of Business Development for Buyerlink. He runs Buyerlink’s home improvement division. With a 15-plus year tenure at One Planet, his roots run deep in online marketing and lead generation, fostering long-time relationships and a deep level of mutual respect with colleagues, vendors, and customers.

Rudd wears many hats at One Planet and is known to act as the resident handyman for the office in his spare time. He also manages the company’s facilities and multiple construction projects within One Planet Group’s various offices.

Prior to joining One Planet, Rudd cut his teeth in sales and service in retail management and as a licensed mortgage broker. He joined One Planet as an entry-level employee within Buyerlink’s (née automotive division, but eagerly took on new roles, becoming instrumental in the growth of Buyerlink.

Rudd attributes his long career at One Planet to the company’s commitment to inclusion, equality and work in the spirit of service. Rudd says the culture gives him a higher purpose that extends far beyond the walls of One Planet and cares deeply about ensuring these core values are cascaded throughout every single interaction and facet of his work. Knowing his service to the company acts as a vessel to giving back to our local and global community, is why he considers One Planet his forever home.

Fun fact: Rudd is the only employee in the history of One Planet to get not one, but two tattoos of the company’s logos.