Walnut Creek, Calif., (Thursday, November 17, 2022) – One Planet Group, a closely held private equity firm that owns a suite of online technology and media businesses, today announced that it has invested in Photon Marine, a Portland-based company that builds high powered electric outboard motors for commercial marine vessels, specifically those used for tourism, transportation, and mariculture operations. With this investment, One Planet Group deepens its reach into environmentally-conscious startups that strive to protect this one planet, the place that we all call home.

"Photon has an exceptional opportunity to improve anentireindustry. At One Planet Group, we invest in great ideas and entrepreneurs, but only those who also are committed to leaving this world better than they found it, even if only to a small degree. Photon is solving for a very real threat to our fragile ocean ecosystems and I am really excited to see where Marcelino and his team go from here.” 

- Payam Zamani, Founder and CEO of One Planet Group

In addition to investing in early-stage companies, One Planet Group  also owns and operates businesses that span a variety of industries including ad tech, publishing, and media. Their VC arm specifically focuses on companies working on the future of mobility, education technology, health technology, and environmental solutions for the future. Investing primarily in high-growth early-stage entities, they focus exclusively on companies with both high growth potential and also those that aspire to improve the world in their specific sector of focus. Other investments this year include Serve RoboticsFormic, and Sourcedby. In September of 2021, One Planet Group also made an investment in EarthUp, a fully-integrated Saas platform that allows companies to measure emissions, purchase offsets, and reach net zero through employee action. 

We're honored to partner with One Planet Group and feel deeply aligned with their intentions and objectives around both growth and service to humanity. Our founding team is diversely experienced and passionate about becoming the most trusted electric propulsion provider serving the most fragile ecosystems and communities around the world.” 

- Marcelino J. Alvarez, Photon CEO

Photon Marine is currently developing the world’s most powerful and intelligent electric outboard motor system and fleet management software, specifically tailored to commercial boat fleets in the tourism, transportation, and mariculture industries.

Operating in some of the world’s most fragile marine ecosystems, the owners of these vessels recognize that if they don’t fundamentally change the way they operate, they won’t survive. If a critical mass of fleets doesn’t do the same, the ecosystem upon which these businesses depend also won’t survive. Photon’s solution is a drop-in electric outboard motor system that replaces traditional ICE motors on both new and existing vessels without compromising on performance or reliability. They are currently in development for two versions in the commercial market, an 80 and 300 HP system, configurable with different-sized battery modules. Each system is supported with Photon’s fleet management software, which includes industry-leading features such as intelligent energy management, predictive maintenance, and smart routing to facilitate the transition from gas to electric.

About One Planet Group

One Planet Group  is a closely held private equity firm that owns a suite of online technology and media businesses while also investing in early-stage companies. Owned and operated businesses span a variety of industries including ad tech, publishing, and media. One Planet Group's mission is to support strong business ideas while building an ethos that helps improve society and give back to communities. 

Infused with foundational values which promote diversity and inclusion, unity, service to humanity, and excellence in all things, One Planet Group strives to foster an environment that promotes equality, love, and empowerment.

The company's investment portfolio includes over 40 startups representing a diverse group of innovative tech-enabled products and solutions. Investing primarily in high-growth early-stage entities, the focus is on companies that aspire to the concept of Innovation + Intention.’ Specific areas of focus include the future of mobility, education technology, health technology, and environmental solutions. 

One PlanetGroup’s core operating businesses include Buyerlink, a leading online marketplace for performance-based marketing; Autoweb, providing performance-based marketing solutions to the automotive industry; California.com, a curated guide to traveling and living in California; and Contractors.com, a site connecting homeowners and service providers. One Planet Group also operates BahaiTeachings.com, a non-profit platform that shares personal perspectives to promote the oneness of humanity.

One Planet Group was founded by tech entrepreneur Payam Zamani in 2015. With offices and employees in over ten countries, their global headquarters is located in Walnut Creek, California. 

About Photon Marine

Photon Marine is building the world’s most powerful electric outboard motor and intelligent fleet management software system for the marine industry, starting with marine tourism, transportation, and commercial fishing fleets. Photon’s technology will provide a streamlined, more efficient and more cost-effective way for those who work on the world’s oceans, lakes, and waterways to transition to cleaner power alternatives. Photon is bringing together diverse stakeholders to decarbonize the marine industry.

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